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Calculate the compatibility of two people's personalities for a long-term love relationship using astrology

Astro Matcher API

With our API you can integrate the match score calcuation of Astro Matcher into your own application.

API in app integration example 1
API in app integration example 2

You Advantages:

  • Calculate personality match scores with the data you already have: birthdays
  • Increase user retention through curiosity: only 1 in 10 users is a good match
  • Customize the match score by weighting the relationship aspects differently: e.g., emphasize attraction, endurability or children suitability
  • Our API also returns the two horoscopes and the complete synastry, so that you can develop your own relationship rating.

Usage & Pricing

You can test the API for free on the Rapid API hub. All technical details of the API are also described there. Simply click on the button below.

If you are looking for a customized subscription to the API contact us.