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Calculate the compatibility of two people's personalities for a long-term love relationship using astrology

How It Works

You pass the birthdays. We calculate the horoscopes and their compatibility. For an astrological explanation check out our 2 minute intro video on YouTube.

Astro Matcher input and output example

The Match Score

We call the resulting number the match score. It shows the compatibility of the two people's personalities for a long-term romantic relationship.

Match score distribution diagram

The match score ranges from 0 (worst) to 100 (best):

  • Values of 65 and above are considered good.
  • Around 91% of all matches are unfavorable and score less than 65. (*)

This means that at large 9 out of 10 people that you date won't be a good match for you.

(*) Research shows that only around 13% of all couples are happy in their long-term relationship. This value corresponds pretty closely to the distribution of the match score.

The Algorithm

Astro Matcher provides two ways of calculation (aka. algorithms).

Basic Exact
Required Input
Birthday Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Birth time Banned Icon Checkmark Icon
Birth location Banned Icon Checkmark Icon
Calculation Includes
Attraction Banned Icon Checkmark Icon
Emotional Compatibility partly Checkmark Icon
Mental Agreement Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Endurability Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Life Path Support Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Children Suitability Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon

The algorithms are based on western psychological astrology and astrological synastry. The exact algorithms are our secret. But here is a little insight into how they work.

Algorithm Features:

  • Uses the zodiac period system created by well-known personologist Garry Goldschneider which distinguishes 48 zodiac periods instead of only 12 zodiac signs. This makes the algorithm four times more accurate.
  • Complete luminary inter-aspect calculation.
  • Ascendant/descendant inter-aspect calculation. (only Exact algorithm)
  • Lunar node inter-aspect calculation for life path support.
  • Overall balance of qualities and elements.
  • Special logic for so-called double whammies.
  • and more ...

For more information visit our YouTube channel which provides videos around the topic of psychological astrology including match score calculations for several celebrity couples.


Yes. Astro Matcher calculates the rating of several relationship aspects (attraction, emotional compatibility, mental agreement, endurability, life path support and children suitability) which are used to calculate the match score. This is indicated on the first image on this page.
No problem. Astro Matcher will automatically adjust its calculations to use the exact algorithm for one person and the basic algorithm for the other one.
Yes. You can actually implement your own Match Score. Since Astro Matcher also returns the rating of the relationship aspects (attraction, emotional compatibility, mental agreement, endurability, life path support and children suitability) you can use these values to calculate your own match score. For example by emphasizing the importance of the attraction aspect and lowering the importance of the relationship's endurability you are moving your calculation from long-term to short-term. Our match score calculation weights attraction with 20% and endurability with 40%.
No, because the algorithms are specifically designed for romantic relationships.
No. The algorithms work for every gender combination as long as they are used for a romantic relationship.
The calculations work for dates ranging from 1800 AD to 2399 AD.
Astro Matcher is hosted on Amazon's EC2 cloud-computing platform. Each request is answered within milliseconds.
We support the red-pill and the manosphere. First and formoust men have to be masculine and women have to be feminine to be attractive to the opposite sex. However once that basic biological attraction is fulfilled, astrology can help you to figure out the compatibility of the two people's personalities. Without a good compatibility of the personalities a relationship is not going to last long. We see our mission in helping people to get into a happy long-term relationship bringing about happy and healthy children that don't have to struggle because their parents are not getting along well.
The data you input into the Match Form is anonymously and temporarily stored in a database so that you can bookmark the result page and/or e-mail its link to somebody you want. The data is periodically deleted from the database and not fowarded to third parties.